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Pat and Sarah Herbert

(530) 272-4912 ☎️

Office Hours: Monday 9 am - 4 pm Tues-Friday 1pm - 4pm

If you get the machine, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It may take a few days to return your call or email. Please note it could take longer during the busier times. 



Residential & Commercial Services
GV Business License #12435

Updated on 9/17/19

Thank you Nevada County for all the well wishes we have received for Pat as he recovers from pneumonia. While he is feeling better and can go back to work he is not out of the woods yet. IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING CLIENT OR WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON AN ESTIMATE FOR YOU, everything is still a go just a bit longer of a wait. IF YOU ARE A CLIENT ON OUR MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, Sarah will be calling your shortly to scheduled your Fall maintenance. IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT and wish to have Pat work for you, please note that we are not taking any more requests for gutter installation, most roof or gutter repairs (please call) or moss removal jobs at this time. We will start taking requests for these jobs after the new year. We are taking new requests for roof/gutter cleaning and minor roof/gutter maintenance. We are scheduling into November/December for all new jobs. 

Thank you for your patience, Nevada County as we navigate through this!!

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