Update on Patrick...

Hello all! We are humbled by the amount of well wishes Pat has received while he gets through this pneumonia. He is getting better but is still in the care of a pulmonologist and we are now getting into the maintenance season so we have decided to not take on any more jobs that consist of...

  • Moss…

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Gutter Installations will soon be coming to an end....

...at least for a while at Herbert's Overhead. The material house that we use is discontinuing all of their gutter material in our local hub so that means that we will not have access to it. Since they supply the other suppliers in town we are going to have to wait and see what happens with the avai…

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Office Closed - Aug 7-9, 2019

The office will be closed during the fair, Wednesday August 7 to Friday August 9th. Sarah is volunteering for the Nevada City Lions and Grass Valley Host Lions on behalf of Sierra Services for the Blind (her other day job). Also, Alyssa will be performing with the Gold Country Gymnastics Team on Thu…

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Not accepting any new clients for a couple of weeks...unless you can wait until September and behond

We regret to inform Nevada County that due to an illness in the family we cannot accept new clients at this time. This is temporary and should be lifted by the end of the month. Pat has come down with pneumonia and has had to take a couple weeks off work to rest. This has put us very behind and we j…

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We are busy bees this Spring!

We are about a week behind on phone calls and emails. Still playing catch up from this Winter and trying to dive into the Spring Maintenance. Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this busy, busy time. We expect to be caught up with call backs and emails by Monday,…

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This year already feels like it is going to be by fast!

It has been gangbusters around here!

Thank you to Cory Fischer of The Union for doing such a beautiful write up on our business. The phone has been ringing off the hook! In case you missed it, here is the link.


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'Tis the season to...BE BEHIND!!

Just a quick note to let Nevada County know that the office is behind in correspondence with the phone messages. Emails should all be responded too. Estimates will all be done and scheduled by the end of the week AND phone messages that came in over the weekend or on Monday will be returned later th…

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What happens if the weather is too bad for Pat to do the work we've scheduled?

This is a question that we get a lot. Making sure you get your roof and gutters cleaned at the right moment is tricky. You want to get it done after the leaves have all fallen but before the Winter hits. These two factors do not always happen as he want them to but what can you do? Nobody can contro…

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Now scheduling for 2019!!

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What happens if you do not maintain your roof and gutters?

Maintaining your roof and gutters will prolong the life of your roof and will help retain the value of your home. In time, leaves and debris gathered on your roof will decompose and cause your roofing material (even metal) to deteriorate. This will result in roof leaks, wood rot and possibly mold. Routine maintenance will help to prevent any of that from happening.

Your gutter system is designed to divert rainwater away from your house. If this system is not functioning properly due to a clog or other types of damage, water may stray from your roof; opening up the possibility of water damage to your wood trimming, siding and other areas of your home including the basement. Routine maintenance on your roof and gutters will help to prevent any of these potential problems. Check out these before and after pictures of some work Pat did that addressed these issues.


Residential & Commercial Services
GV Business License #12435

Updated on 9/17/19

Thank you Nevada County for all the well wishes we have received for Pat as he recovers from pneumonia. While he is feeling better and can go back to work he is not out of the woods yet. IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING CLIENT OR WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON AN ESTIMATE FOR YOU, everything is still a go just a bit longer of a wait. IF YOU ARE A CLIENT ON OUR MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, Sarah will be calling your shortly to scheduled your Fall maintenance. IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT and wish to have Pat work for you, please note that we are not taking any more requests for gutter installation, most roof or gutter repairs (please call) or moss removal jobs at this time. We will start taking requests for these jobs after the new year. We are taking new requests for roof/gutter cleaning and minor roof/gutter maintenance. We are scheduling into November/December for all new jobs. 

Thank you for your patience, Nevada County as we navigate through this!!

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